fairyland at danbury lane / by Carey

Have I mentioned how much I love the internet?  I sure do.  I could write a dissertation on the many reasons I love the internet.  I won't now, though.  I also have a love affair with ETSY.  Oh how I could get lost on ETSY.  Perhaps it is my own love of all things crafty that makes me truly appreciate what ETSY is and offers.  Alas, it is because of the internet and the wonderful ETSY that I found this melt your heart ensemble for the little munchkin.

I selected a purple ensemble, because we love her in purple so much.  She was about 15 months when we received it, and even then, she LOVED it.  We had several little photo sessions where I attempted to capture all her fairy loveliness.  (Do you think I'm reliving some missed feminine aspect of my own childhood through her here?  surely not!)

I hope this is the first of many of these.  I hope she loves to dress up.  I hope she loves to be captured by my camera so we can be forever captivated by her beauty.  I hope that she loves to twirl.  And twirl for us so we can admire her.  I hope she knows how much we love her.   And I hope that she will some day embrace all that it is to be a woman formed in the image of God.

I want to share where I found this amazingly beautiful and quality hand crafted piece artistry!  Danbury Lane on ETSY.   Rebekah is truly a master at creating her tutus, wings, wands, and hairpieces.  I can't speak enough of the quality of these pieces.  They are gorgeous, and well made.  I am crafty.  I can tie knots in tulle around a piece of elastic.  But I can guarantee you it wouldn't have turned out like this.  It is worth the investment, in my humble opinion.  There are many little touches that set this apart.  And let me add -- little munchkin put those wings through the ringer!  She bent them a little (which I fixed) by refusing to enter the little play car by the door, but insisting on climbing through the back window.  Over and over.  Not to mention the rest the little climber did while we were able to play outside!