joy / by Carey

Sometimes things go better than others.  For example, when I shot my friends this day, the pieces most certainly did NOT fall into place.  The light was failing me, and then I tried one too many photography experiments with the camera than I was ready to do, and the result was not my best work.  Disappointed and frustrated with myself doesn't even begin to describe it.  (but I hope to have a go again and do much, much better!)

And then other times?  Other times, everything goes right.

joy  [joi]  –noun
1. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

These are special people to us.  And these children are special miracle children.  This family hadn't sent Christmas cards in years, and this year I asked if we could remedy that.  Spur of the moment one afternoon I called and asked if they could come over in a few hours to take the photographs.  The light was supposed to be okay still (since the time change limits the light in the afternoons now so much).  There were still some leaves in the trees, so everything wasn't dead, and the background would be okay.  I hadn't taken the time to research and think about posing.  Everything just fell into place.  And it was lovely.  The kids did awesome.  My methods worked.  And the parents so so so so SO worked with me to make it fabulous.

These images just invoke pure joy in me.  Don't they you?

Not only are the kids just precious, but I'm overcome with joy because I did good!!!  All the things I've been working to improve on came together and the images are just great.  I love it.  This is my favorite session I've ever done, hands down.  And I don't find it coincidental at all that it came together and I didn't have a chance to over control or over think it!