finally! and please say hello / by Carey

I hate to be fussy, but if you do happen to stop by my little piece of the internet, please take a moment to say hello!  I'd love to hear from whoever you are who take interest in my work!  aka - leave a comment!  and please don't feel shy.   Leave a comment every time you visit!

Now to the finally!

Shortly before Thanksgiving I purchased my own domain name and hosting.  Big step!  I'm usually really good at figuring the tech stuff out all on my own.  But making my blog be at my domain name stumped me.  I could NOT get it to work!  I kept trying over Thanksgiving, when any technical support was off for the holiday.  I got myself so frustrated that I decided to "put it down and come back"... 

So today, on another holiday, I tried again.  And enlisted the help of technical support.  The wonderful Jeremy T. was just.... wonderful!  So finally, I welcome you to!!!  Big step, huh?  Thanks, Jeremy T.