splash pad / by Carey

[so I'm trying to get caught up on blog posting that I've put off for a while.....]

I'd like to say that the following pictures were of MY kids at the local splash pad. I LOVE the splash pad. I think it is just plain awesome.  And it's FREE!  What a fabulous thing for us to do.... Alas.... when we, as in my own family, go to the splashpad -- Nathan spends the entire time lying on the concrete, NOT in the water.  And Cora spends the entire time trying to run off into the grass surrounding the facility.  Needless to say, I have NO even mediocre photos of MY kids at the splashpad.

But one day we met my friend Amy, her kids, and some kids that she kept for the summer there, and THEY cooperated with me!  (is this not a sight for sore eyes on this cold, rainy day!)