katelyn times two / by Carey

Happy, smiley Katelyn is daughter number two for good friends of ours. She is only a mere 5 weeks younger than Cora, but she's certainly smaller! Katelyn is such a petite little thing! But she makes up for her small stature with a BIG happy personality. Her smile truly is infectious.

These friends have been so wonderful to us over the years. They have always been there. They've brought meals during troubled times. They've had us over for dinner countless times. They've listened. They've invited us to just have fun. I asked if I could do a one year old session for little Katelyn, in an attempt to make up for a tiny portion of all they've done for us!

I LOVE big sister's expression here -- are you DONE taking pictures, or what, lady?

And lastly, one of big sister's gorgeous big blue eyes!!!