the lovely Lindsey, with an "e" / by Carey

I met Lindsey when she was a freshmen in high school while I led her in a youth Bible study on sexual integrity.  For some reason I've never quite put my finger on, we clicked and have remained friends over the years.  I tutored her in chemistry and math later on while I was pregnant with Nathan -- then life took a different course and I couldn't exactly do that anymore. =)  Still, Lindsey and I managed to stay in touch and it has been so rewarding to watch her blossom and grow into a young lady.  She's now a sophomore in college!  And even more heart warming, her heart has a passion for Christ that I only wish I had a glimpse of at her age!

Lindsey is beautiful inside and out... she loves photography and appreciates art.  So I asked if I could try my hand at this kind of session with her.  She excitedly agreed!  After many failed attempts to line up our schedules, we finally got together for some downtown fun.  It was a very different experience for me photographically, very challenging, but I'm really glad I was able to capture who the lovely Lindsey with an !E! is as a young college student.