sutton / by Carey

As is always the case with my life, I'm so very behind in so very many things. I actually finished these photos a while ago, but haven't had time to sit down and select my favorites to blog.   You can see the entire gallery here.

This was my first friend to contact me and ask ME to photograph her child! (as in, not me asking if "I" could use their family for my practice!) So that of course makes this session special to me. But more than that, this is baby number FOUR for this family... the oldest of which, if I remember correctly, just turned 4 himself... they have their hands FULL. And they wanted to make sure that little Sutton's first moments were captured forever, special, and creatively. I was so honored to have the opportunity.

He was a fabulous little subject. He went right to sleep and let me play. In hindsight, I wish I'd played more and been a little more adventurous. With the flurry of activity constantly surrounding him, I think he's used to action. But the mommy in me at the time wasn't willing to disturb such a content little sleeper!