Sophie / by Carey

A few days after I photographed Natalie, I had the opportunity to capture another newborn! Sophie is the daughter of my childhood best friend. It has been wonderful to reconnect with her mom over the last year, and that made this session all the more special to me.

Unfortunately, I've hit a streak of bad newborn luck... newborn babies are not interested in sleeping around me. Sophie, too, was NOT interested in going diaperless and NOT interested in sleeping -- at least, not unless she was being held by her mom. The moment she was out of her arms, eyes WIDE open. Alert as could be.

It was wonderful practice for me. I learned a lot. Most notably, in the future I plan to shoot newborns earlier in the day. Nobody is at their best at the end of the day! And no matter what, I can't be in a hurry. I knew this going in, but it was confirmed this evening. Due to a bunch of things that were out of our control, we began several hours after I had wanted to. I had somewhere I HAD to be at a certain time... and that meant we were hurrying. Perhaps if I'd had time to wait 20-30 minutes for little Sophie to drift off to deep-deep sleepyland after she nursed, we'd have gotten to the posable stage!

Although I didn't get to practice the posed sleepy shots, I still think I got some good ones. I do hope the family likes them, too!