my passion / by Carey

My true passion is capturing moments as a gift for my friends and family.  Lifestyle photography.  Documenting what life is like -- right now.  My subject's essence.  Forever preserving the emotion of the dynamics of children and families through photography.  Being.  Playing.  Frolicking.  Living.  Exploring.  Adventuring.  Meditating.  Whatever it is that captures them.

My style is not traditional posed portraiture.  There is nothing wrong with that style, but it isn't me.  The few times I've attempted this, I have become acutely aware how very much this isn't me.  My gift and my passion lies in artistically capturing that instant in time of realness.  Rarely, in real life and in my photography, is everyone looking directly at the camera with their hands in their laps and their 'cheese' smile donning their face.