10 on 10 - February 2016 / by Carey Pace

The story I tell for February's 10 on 10 is one where I chose to hush the little person sitting on my shoulder, telling me we didn't have time to play outside.  

My personality is one where I like to function within set routines.  In order for me to get done all the things I truly need to get done, I need to operate within strict boundaries.  Work before play.  I could be rigid and strict and unforgiving with this, if it weren't for photography.  The beauty of the light supersedes the stringent in me and let's us put away things for a bit to enjoy the plot of land we've been given.  It has taught me the beauty in flexibility.

This was Friday, January 29th.  We'd listened to a special performance of Little Red Riding hood after school, performed by a professional violinist and cellist (that was amazing!), and then ran to the grocery store.  We pulled into the driveway at 5:15pm just as the sun was setting.  The Boy had basketball practice at 6:00pm. The Lady had neglected to work on a school project all week long that was due Monday morning - but we were leaving first thing Saturday morning to visit old friends in Kingsport for the weekend.  We needed to get to work on that poster.  I needed to get to work putting the groceries away and cooking dinner.  BUT. 

We took twenty minutes and played.  It was good for all of our souls.  We were up late, packing our things and working on that school project.  But we had this time outside to be together just enjoying each other and the sunshine. 

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