Part two - A year of Stories / by Carey Pace

You will find here where I explain a new little project I'm a part of.  I shared the first half of our Christmas Eve outing into our rain sodden woods that border our property.  Here I'd like to include the second half of that story. 

I wish I could remember exactly how it began.  If I had to guess, it would be when my husband wiped a smear of mud on the Boy's face.  The desired response was quick.  He immediately began to try to take his daddy down into the mud with him.  There's a part of me that cheers and a part of me that sighs at this.  I love watching him exert his little manliness against his daddy.  I love watching him test those limits and fight with all that is within him.  And yet, watching it is an undeniable reminder that he's growing up. So fast.  We'll blink and he'll be a man.  I enjoy him so much now, as a nine year old. I'd freeze time right here if I could.  Such a sweet, sweet spot. 

Be sure to get to the end where you are greeted with a nature made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.