10 on 10 - January 2016 / by Carey Pace

Several years ago I participated in a group project called 10 on 10:  ten images posted on the tenth day of each month.  I wanted it to be documentary in execution, so I tried to photograph on the hour each waking hour of the day I chose each month.  It was a wonderful project for me, but its appeal ran its course.  

This time however, I want to release those restrictions.  This time, I want to share ten images that simply tell a story.  A fellow photographer asked if anyone was interested in committing to a 10 on 10 blog circle this year and I decided I should go for it.  I'm shooting daily and I can't see turning that off.  This is just of matter of telling the story to you. 

To begin, here was our Saturday before Christmas.  We decided to go exploring in the woods next to our house.  The woods in winter are a magical place.  I am so thankful to live somewhere where adventure awaits by just walking out the back door. 

And yes. You are right.  It was 12 frames and not 10. I tried. Really, I did.  

Next in our circle is Eleanor Haley Photography.  Please click through here and follow the circle around.  It is always fun to "meet" new people and I'm excited to get to know the artistic voices of this completely new group of photographers.