1SE - Four Months In / by Carey Pace

Update: you may want to see my latest 1SE post here.

Yikesola!  I cannot believe I haven't blogged not once since LAST month's 1SE.  Oops.  It's not that I'm not photographing! I AM.  Somehow time just flies on by and BAM, there went another 30 days!  I am staying on top of my 365, and getting those images uploaded to Flickr.  But that's about as far as I can manage right now. 

Shout out to Susan Keller of Susan Keller Photography who not only introduced me to the concept of 1SE, but gave me the idea of adding those cute outtakes at the end.  I think that is so fun.  

As our days in Kingsport and in this home are quickly winding to a close, I am even more grateful that I began this project.  These memories will be treasures to us forever.  

If you've done a 1SE, link me up! I want to see!!!