1SE - Three Months In / by Carey Pace

Update: you may want to see my latest 1SE post here.

I'll confess it. I'm prone to exaggeration and the use of flowery language to add emphasis and drama to my communication.  I am.  But truly, this is hands down my very favorite creative project I have ever embarked upon.  1SE.  One Second Everyday.  Every Day capture Everyday moments and compile them into a glimpse into your life.  It is transforming my outlook.  I seek light and Gratitude.  I am profoundly grateful for this beautiful world we live in and this life I get to lead.  

Sometimes when I'm out and about I will see something that MOVES me.  They are innocuous things, things that perhaps most people hardly notice, but I feel such passion for them.  Things like a flag waving in the wind.  My heart cries "do you see that!?! Do you see it?  It's so beautiful." But you can't go walking around saying "hey dude, check out that ant carrying a cracker crumb! how cool" all the time.  1SE kind of lets me do that with you.  I can video what catches my eye and show it to you.  

Here was our March 2015.

What I see through watching my three months of this project is how much MOTION and ACTION are in my life. I never would have thought but there it is, before my eyes.  It is amazing to see how small little clips that seem somewhat insignificant on their own are transformed into something profoundly other.  They truly are more than the sum of their parts.