J is for Johnson / by Carey Pace

She parked in one of the "close" spots at Preschool.  She had a preschooler, a toddler, and a new baby.  I watched her drag all three of them in every other morning.  She had a magnet on her car advertising her photography business.  After a few months, I finally worked up the nerve to introduce myself and explain that we had a shared passion.  I'm so glad I did.  Never could I have imagined how well we'd hit it off and that I'd find one of my best friends I've ever had. 


That was the Spring of 2012.  It's been three years now.  I cannot imagine my life without her.  When she asked if I would photograph her family last fall, I was excited to give her the gift of images that INCLUDE HER. 

This family has files and files and files upon files of beautiful images that my friend has taken of her children.  But when you are the designated family photographer, rare is the photo that includes your image.  It is so important for us to have images that include us, as mothers.  We were present, too.  We were there.  And I want these kids to see the look on their momma's face as she peers into their eyes. 

She brought along a rope she had created using strips of her husband's grandfather's shirts.  She wanted to play tug of war: parents against kids.  How amazing was that? 

Of course the kids got a tad excited.  And the fibers snapped.  So the shortened rope became a jump rope.  It was still fun.