1SE - 2 months in... / by Carey Pace

Update: you may want to see my latest 1SE post here.

I learned of the app on January 9th.  1SE.  One Second Everyday.  I initially dismissed the idea because the OCD part of me that would have liked to begin on THE beginning of the year said I missed the boat.  But on the encouragement of a friend, I started anyway.  I gave myself the grace to quit.  I gave myself the grace to not have photographical perfection.    

It's just one measly second.  That is SO doable.  Right?

I could not have anticipated what this would do for me creatively. 

I've toyed with DSLR video for two years.  I'm terribly, terribly intrigued by it and I LOVE fusion videos that combine still images with the video.  (My peony video of the Little Lady will forever be a favorite even though it's a mess!)  But it is time consuming on a whole other level than regular digital photography and editing.  And with being an involved mom to these little guys, I just can't find the time to WORK with the videos I've taken.  Video is taking a back burner, which is disconcerting on some levels.  I can always learn it later... but they are little and doing the things that little guys do for only a short time longer.  I can't do both.  

In comes 1SE.  It is the most beautiful marriage of these things for me.  It lets me explore telling story through video.  It lets me explore getting creative and interesting MOVING images.  But it doesn't bog me down with processing time that I don't have.  

The app is sheer brilliance.  It is so easy - truly, I'm astounded with its wonderful simplicity.  I shoot the videos with my phone that is already always with me.  The app automatically imports the video. I choose the clip.  DONE!  

My biggest takeaway two months in is MOTION and MOVEMENT.  I've spent a couple of rounds on google searching for 1SE videos to watch, to be inspired by creative uses of storytelling.  I've actually only made it through ONE person's one year video, and hers was the one that inspired me to start this in the first place!  She does a great job of keeping things moving in her video.  Most people stay in one spot and photograph something with little movement... if I don't know you, my attention span only tolerates a little bit of that.  

The videos that are MOST captivating are those that combine both a changing vantage point AND movement of the subject.  That is not to say that EVERY snippet has to do that, but it needs to be happening more often than not.  I'll be curious to hear if folks think I've done it TOO much.  The beginning of February started off slower for me and I have too many "boring" days in a row.  But those boring days were really what led me to this big creative breakthrough. They are part of the journey and I can't change them now!

I am loving this project.  I love the ease of it. And I love how it gets my family involved in one of my creative endeavors.