Snowed In / by Carey Pace

I had started to consider the notion that we would experience our first ever winter without any snow.  We surged through January without a flake.  We were trudging through February without a flurry.  And then.  

We were traveling back from a weekend trip to Virginia when we were stopped by a wall of snow.  We made it home the next day only to become totally snowed in.  My kids haven't been to school in eleven days!  We not only received a snow day, we ended up with an entire snow WEEK! 

We had record low temperatures, as did most of the country.  And we discovered that it is actually more pleasant to play in snow in these cold temps!  When it finally warmed up to the upper 20s and low 30s... they came in from playing sopping wet!  At least when it was 10 degrees, the snow stayed powdery snow!   Who would have guessed?