FOOD CHALLENGE | January | Fruit on White

(Hello there!  this post gets a good amount of hits from people searching for "photography in Kingsport, TN".  If you are wanting to see an example of  my work capturing the joy in people, please just hit the home button.  This post is for a special creative project of photographing food.  Thanks!)

I met Laurie Vengoechea through the 10 on 10 project that I do.  She's on my circle.  We are on the Bloom forum together, but I was fairly new when the 10 started up. With tons of new faces and names, I had a hard time keeping track of who was who.  It wasn't until the 10 on 10 progressed that I got to know Laurie.  We quickly discovered we have a lot in common:  Jesus, Photography, Food, and cooking.  Very unfortunately we do not have location in common, since she lives in beautiful California and I live in Tennessee.  Hooray for technology.

When Laurie posted on the Bloom forum about a food photography challenge group for the new year, I jumped.  Soooooo very much up my alley!!!  But I hesitated.  I was nervous to commit to ANOTHER project.  But this project is so me.  How could I pass it up?  Eventually I officially caved and I'm part.  I'm sure it will become challening to fit all of this in as the year moves on, but I will be giving it a good go!  I'm joining a large group of photographers for this challenge and we'll be doing a circle for this project, just like my 10 on 10, but on the 20th of each month, so make sure you head over and check out their interpretation of this month's theme, too!

January's theme was Fruit on a White Background.  No Props.  Just the simplicity of the fruit.

I was scared silly of the prompt. I didn't know how on earth I was going to do this!  But the other ladies got me started, and I must say, I enjoyed this SO much.  Food photography and food styling is so very, very, very much harder than it looks!!!  But it has been very rewarding to see these images that I never imagined that I would take!  I shot tomatoes (technically they are a fruit!), kiwi, cantaloupes, strawberries, and my featured raspberries.  I bought red grapes, green grapes. navel oranges, and apples as well, but never got around to shooting those.

Without further ado, here are raspberries.

Carey Pace lifestyle photographer Kingsport TN
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Next in our group is the lovely Kay Pickens Columbia MO photographer.  I've e-known Kay online for a few years now and I am so thrilled that she's joined in our group.

The next post shows my second place photos for this fruit on white challenge  So check out  my rejects!

P.S.  I've always hated raspberries.  I love almost every food, but I really don't care for raspberries.  Or so I thought.  I tried these when Shawn so lovingly pointed out, in front of the kids, how good it was to eat things we didn't like because they were good for us.  And I liked it! I really, really liked it!

I shot these with my
Sigma 30mm f1.4


  1. Carey, I LOVE your raspberry photo! Makes me want to go out and hunt some down. It sure has been fun getting to know everyone in our group, hasn't it?

  2. You made these berries look translucent, I LOVE the lighting here! How on earth did you get such a close up using a 30mm lens?? Gorgeous shot.

  3. So simply gorgeous!! I would totally hang this in my kitchen! I love the texture of the raspberries and the lighting. This is awesome, Carey!! I am SO glad you mentioned this group to me and I get to be a part of it with you!! Looking forward to the coming months!

  4. Very nice details in your scrumptious berries.

  5. I LOVE this composition Carey!! These are so perfect.. The colors so rich.. You styled them "en vogue"! These really would be a beautiful photo in a magazine, or a box of cerial which I'm craving them for right now! I'm so so so SO happy you've joined us in this challenge, you are like my little soul sister, it really is awful that we live on opposite sides of he country! :(

    And, I have LOTS of advise for an anniversary trip to Cali!!!
    Love you much!

  6. Very lovely! Those raspberries really pop :) I love the angle and closeness of them, like we're down at eye level with them.

  7. I truly love the composition of your shot, something I really need to work on. Those berries just pop off the screen! Having spent summers on my Grandparents farm in MN where they had raspberry bushes galore, raspberries are one of my favorite fruits. I'm waiting for the season to bring them in!

  8. Love the composition!! You've got a great eye, Carey!

  9. Gorgeous! These look excatly how they taste...soft and filmy, and lovely (I love raspberries!!).

  10. Love the angle of your shot! Gorgeous raspberries & gorgeous composition!

  11. Love this! The detail is amazing and the cropping is perfect!

  12. I'm so glad that you are doing this project Carey! Love this gorgeous shot of raspberries - I still find it fun that you don't even like them.

  13. Love that you can see every little hair on the berries. Really stunning.

  14. I love this. Love your composition!
    Elaine melko