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some friends of ours who are as close to family as you can get without actually being so have a precious little daughter. I tried, in some not ideal lighting conditions, to capture some good ones for her Nana... unfortunately, the little booger had a thing for looking straight down and was not enticed at any of my antics!

my passion

My true passion is capturing moments as a gift for my friends and family.  Lifestyle photography.  Documenting what life is like -- right now.  My subject's essence.  Forever preserving the emotion of the dynamics of children and families through photography.  Being.  Playing.  Frolicking.  Living.  Exploring.  Adventuring.  Meditating.  Whatever it is that captures them.

My style is not traditional posed portraiture.  There is nothing wrong with that style, but it isn't me.  The few times I've attempted this, I have become acutely aware how very much this isn't me.  My gift and my passion lies in artistically capturing that instant in time of realness.  Rarely, in real life and in my photography, is everyone looking directly at the camera with their hands in their laps and their 'cheese' smile donning their face.

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About me - to capture the moment

I'm a very strange combination. I love math and science. I love straight lines. Black and white. I love lists and putting information in tables. I love to research -- anything. I was formally trained as a chemical engineer!

And yet, there is an artistic soul deep within me. I love music (and miss my clarinet deeply). I love to create with my hands. I love to create beauty. I love to craft and sew.

For three-and-a-half years, I worked in the corporate world as a chemical engineer. Nearly every moment I spent there was miserable. I realize now that I didn’t thrive in this job because I was denying an inner artist that desperately needed nourishing. Becoming a stay-at-home wife, and then a stay-at-home mom allowed me to retire from engineering and start a new life journey. Even on our hardest days, I am incredibly grateful for the gift of being with these precious lives — cherishing and nurturing the little souls that God has entrusted to me.

Even as a child with a cheap-cheap-cheap point and shoot camera, I was developing my eye for photography. As a teenager, I was trying to capture the moment with my friends. Just before graduating from college, we decided to invest in a "real" camera for our honeymoon trip to Hawaii. The nice lady at the camera store steered us to the Nikon N65 and we got a mac daddy lens with a mac daddy zoom, for great Hawaii landscape shots.

I loved that camera. It opened my creative world. Believe it or not, though, that camera never left the automatic modes while in my possession! I was too fearful of wasting money on film for useless images. My mother gifted me our first dSLR in June 2005 -- a Nikon D70. I had held off on entering the digital photography world up to this point because I wanted an SLR camera, and the digital ones were SO expensive then.

One day I decided to try to master the manual modes on the camera, and I've never looked back. It's been quite a journey and I've come so far, with so far yet to go! Some very amazing and generous people in my life have helped me SO much! Oh, how I love this creative outlet. It is a perfect blending for me, because my hobby that makes me happy and nourishes a huge part of my soul involves the little blessings I spend each day with! I have loved artistically capturing all these memories of my children.

In March of 2009 I began asking friends and family if I could photograph them, as a means of broadening my experience and practice. My heart overflows with emotion at being able to provide others with these types of images to cherish forever. My profession is motherhood. I am a wife and mommy first. I take this role and the role of wife incredibly, incredibly serious. Thus, my time for pursuing this interest is drastically limited.

My creative outlet is photography. I believe that God has given me this talent and I am so grateful. I view doing this for my friends as a form of ministry. It is an ultimate goal to use my talents in some way to more directly bring glory and honor to Him. I don't know what that will look like yet, but I'm trying to keep my heart and eyes open. But I am incredibly blessed to have the ability to have a creative outlet that I can do during these early child rearing years.

My ultimate goal is to be on the staff of a local photography studio. I hope that by the time the kids are in school and this is an actual option for me, that my talent will be close to their level!